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Climber Skill Levels


  • Take an Intro to Climbing Workshop¬†
    • Cost: $5
    • Learn: climbing, belaying, and tying knots for Venture Outdoor Leadership's Climbing Wall.
    • Belay test is included, but is taken at least 24 hours after the workshop.
    • Register on Venture Outdoor Leadership's Niner Engage Page under the "Events" tab.
  • Stop by the wall and try it out!
    • First visit is free!
    • Staff are available to:
      • explain the intracies of climbing
      • belay


Take our belay test

  • Ask for the senior staff.
  • If time permits, they will be happy to offer the test.
  • Belay certifications from other walls do not convey.


Bouldering is a great way to practice your skills without the need of a certified belayer.

  • Having an active spotter is required.
  • Your feet may not go higher than your spotter's shoulders.
  • Horizontal dynamic moves (i.e. dynos) are not permitted.
  • Roped climbers have¬†right of way.
  • No bouldering is permitted under a roped climber.