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Trip Policies and Philosophy

Expedition Behavior

We ask that all group members adopt an open-minded attitude. Whether it be from difficult weather, strenuous activities or just interacting with a new group of people, our trips will contain various challenges.  We ask that you try to see these challenges as opportunities to learn, grow, and reinforce a positive group dynamic.

Risk Management

Outdoor settings present some inherent dangers which may result in accidents.  We expect our participants to:

  • Be serious about safety and follow all safety rules
  • Take responsibility to avoid or minimize risks
  • Recognize that your individual decisions have an impact on the group as a whole

Alcohol & Drug Use

  • Alcohol & consciousness-altering drugs are strictly prohibited
  • We request that people refrain from using tobacco in any form for the length of the trip

Inclusive Community

We ask that, even if you’re coming on the trip with some friends or a significant other, you contribute to a community environment where we encourage people to build friendships.


We ask that you refrain from using cell phones and other technology when on trips.  We’ll typically have one person bring a camera for pictures which will be shared with the whole group.  

Equipment Use

  • Food and transportation are provided by Venture Outdoor Leadership.
  • Equipment is included in the cost of the trip (except hiking boots/shoes and meals while on the road).
  • Participants are responsible for all equipment that is issued to them and will be charged for lost or damaged equipment.