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Campus Resources

Trip Policies and Philosophy

Code of Student Responsibility

The UNC Charlotte Code of Student Responsibility applies to any/ all Venture Outdoor Leadership programs. We suggest you become familiar with your rights and responsibilities as a student. 

Creating Inclusive Community

We ask that you contribute to a supportive community environment. This includes: 

  • Using the name and pronouns as provided by each person.
  • Speaking up and stepping back - Contributing to the group while also allowing others to speak.
  • Being open to feedback from your trip leaders and peers. 
  • If your friends or significant other(s) are also on the trip, talking to other people on the trip as well.
  • Trusting the process as introduced by your trip leaders.
Risk Management

Adventure activities present some inherent dangers which may result in accidents.  

We expect our participants to:

  • Be serious about safety and follow all safety rules.
  • Take responsibility to avoid or minimize risks.
  • Recognize that your individual decisions have an impact on the group as a whole.

Please note: Participants must be at least 18 years old to participate unless they are currently enrolled at UNC Charlotte. 

Technology & Communication Devices

Our trips are designed to be "disconnected" from constant communication so that we can build relationships with each other and nature. 

We ask that you do not bring:

  • Cell phones
  • Smart watches
  • Fitness trackers
  • Other devices that would distract from the group experience such as music players and hand-held gaming systems. 

Your leaders will bring emergency communication devices, such as cell phones and GPS trackers/ communicators.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol and other consciousness-altering drugs are strictly prohibited. Using or possessing alcohol or other drugs will result in being removed from the program at your own expense.  You may also be prohibited from registering for any future programs. 

Tobacco/ Nicotine

We request that people refrain from using tobacco/ nicotine in any form that may impact the group and/or the environment, such as using cigarettes, dip, and vapes. 

If you are concerned about nicotine withdrawal while on an adventure trip, contact our office to learn more about possible accommodations.

Expedition Behavior

We ask that all group members adopt an open-minded attitude. Whether it be from difficult weather, strenuous activities or just interacting with a new group of people, our trips will contain various challenges.  We ask that you try to see these challenges as opportunities to learn, grow, and reinforce a positive group dynamic.

Environmental Ethics

We acknowledge that we recreate on the traditional lands of the Catawba Indian Nation (Charlotte region) and Eastern Band of the Cherokee (Pisgah National Forest), among others.  We strive to better understand the history of the land and its people and our relationship to these nations today.

We understand that in being outdoors, we are impacting that space. We follow the philosophies of conscious impact living and Leave-No-Trace to minimize our negative impact and improve the spaces we use when we can.